Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I am excited for the day to start. The candy is stocked up since we get about two hundred trick or treaters. Family, food and one really cute little monkey are expected to make an appearance. SO everyone have a safe and fun day!

Friday, October 30, 2009

To unexpected deals

When Chris and I go to the park we usually talk but on some occasions we have little to say to each other. When that happens I am thinking about something and he always knows. I must have a thinking face of maybe it's just the facts that I am not talking his ear off. So anyway we had that moment just the other day as we were walking. Chris asked me " Schnitz what are you thinking about" and I said I have been thinking about blogging. Being a stay at home mom can sometimes be monotonous; which brought the thought of blogging to mind. A little change can be good though out the day. I also was told by a dear friend about a stay-at-home mom who blogs, her name is Stephanie. She is inspiring and delightful with a courageous story. Since reading her blog (Nie Nie dialogues) I have wanted to also blog just because this lady is fabulous. Here is to the nie nie dialogues and her beautiful family. Thank You! Thanks for an unexpected deal:)

Another unexpected deal was a darling pair of shoes that I found at good will.