Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's November already

The air is colder, the nights are shorter and I heard a Christmas song on the radio today. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited to to hear jingle bells today. I worked on a little Christmas list and was asking others what was on theirs. I guess I feel like the Holidays always go by fast so once Halloween is over it's a fair game. Speaking of Halloween, Josiah and I were the only ones in my household who dressed up...One of these days Herbert will be a sport. An overview of the night: We ran out of candy around 7:30, I got hit on by a 9 year old, KISS showed up and our neighbor went crazy with the decor once again.

Today I spent the morning with my oldest friend. She literally is my oldest friend, she is 89. Her name is Maureen. She was our neighbor when we lived in our apartment. Maureen lives alone in her upstairs apartment, she drives her friends to church, adores Josiah and has a busier schedule than me.

Tonight Chris and I had a lovely evening with our good friends Jason and Val. Oh how I love Byblos.

Did everyone vote today? I saw the "new" mayor of Toledo at breakfast this morning. Should have shook the man's hand.

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