Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is coming:)

Today is another beautiful day- sunny and mid 60's. It makes a world of a difference to be able to go outside and take a walk. I hate to be trapped indoors all winter long. Yesterday was splendid as well. My sweet mom and aunt came over for a visit and lunch. Lunch menu: quiche, betty's salad and a bunch of fruit. Fresh bakes cookie bars that taste more like fudge than cookie, but so good. :) We ate ourselves silly! We took a long walk at the park to enjoy the very spring like day. I wish I would have taken a couple of pictures of our girls day out, (including Josiah) but i never think to do it. Oh well. Yesterday started out pretty exciting when I wrote into Regis and Kelly's show inbox and my comment actually got read by Regis- I couldn't believe it!! We shall see what today hold for us. I don't have any plans which is nice since it is the first day in two and a half weeks I don't have anything to do. So I will enjoy a nap and a walk later on this very St. Patrick's Day or maybe wear a green shirt. But I know one thing, I am extremely ready for my sweet husband to return to us- it has been way too long. :( Oh and Josiah is very crabby today, I hope he isn't getting another ear infection.

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